Everything you need to write invoices
Items with title, description, quantity, unit price and total price
Managing payments
Customer management
Catalog to store frequently used items
Any number of tax rates
Item groups for organisation and taxation
Own layouts for the design of documents
A convenient view for outstanding payments and turnover
Analysis of invoices and payments over freely selectable time periods
Notifications when invoices are due or overdue
Sending documents with mail programmes
Discounts on items and final amounts
All data is located locally on the user's device.
The data can be optionally encrypted with AES-256.
Adheres to the principles for the orderly keeping and storage of books.

Estimates writing
For structuring invoices
For structuring invoices
For structuring invoices
Notes for explanations within an invoice
Configurable charts for analysing turnover
Custom fields for values for customers, documents and catalog entries
Export data to Excel format
Extended reports of selected time periods
Stationery for documents sent my mail
Multiple contacts per client
Bank statements for defaulters
Templates for frequently used invoices and estimates

Project folder for better organisation
Attach PDF documents to invoices and estimates
Change of multiple items by typing the quantity
E.g. reminders and delivery notes
Import from MoneyMoney and camt files
Labels for organising customers and catalog entries
Support for Umsatz accounting programme
Support for Receipts Document management
Exporting bookings for import to MonKey Office
Export of bookings for import to shakehands Kontor
Exported VCards can be imported into the Contacts programme
Import of working times from the calendar
Filter lists according to your own criteria
Use of QRCodes in layouts (SEPA/SwissQRCode)
Plugins to extend GrandTotal
Import of working times from many different applications and services
Grouping of invoice items
Archiving data records that are no longer required

Partial invoices and final invoices
Structure invoices by item groups
Sort items by name, price, quantity or date
Creation of SEPA direct debits
Weekly, monthly or yearly recurring invoices
Placeholders for different language variants
Analyses by customer, country and turnover. Printing of address labels
Dynamic costs such as discounts and surcharges
Combine positions on separate pages
Invoices in the formats (XInvoice, FacturX, ZUGFeRD and PEPPOL)
Creation of optional items in estimates
Layouts can be adapted with scripts
Orders can be sent from GarageSale to GrandTotal
Entries from OmniFocus can be inserted via the clipboard
Entries from OmniPlan can be pasted via the clipboard
Entries from Merlin can be pasted via the clipboard
Items from Things can be pasted via the clipboard