What are the preview features?

Preview features are functions from a future release of GrandTotal. Please note, that this functionality will stop working in GrandTotal 7 after GrandTotal 8 has been released. GrandTotal 8 will be a paid upgrade.

These functions are currently available

  • In the description texts of the items, list entries can be created by starting a new line with one of the following characters.
    - creates an entry with •
    1) or 1. A numbered list.
    a) an alphabetical list.

    Set the preferred position of the tab in the ruler of the layout editor.

  • Formulas can be entered in the number fields to calculate the value. For example, if you want to calculate a unit price: 342 / 200.
  • In analysis / customers it is now possible to filter the clients by labels and export them as vCards.
  • Invoices and Estimates can have an individual hourly rate now.
  • Contacts of a company can be archived using the Edit button in the selection menu.
  • Mail can be sent directly via Gmail or SMTP/IMAP accounts. To do this, go to Settings/Mail and select Gmail or Server as the service
  • Fast typing of discounts. To do this, select multiple items and type a discount such as "20%". Numbers without a terminating percent sign are still interpreted as quantity.
  • Sort the catalog according to the number of use

Why are there preview features?

GrandTotal is usually released every 2 years as a new version. So for new features, the users without subscription have to wait until the paid upgrade is released. This way, some of the new functions can be used earlier.

What does it cost?

Using it is free until the next major version is released. After this you may purchase the upgrade to the new version in order to continue using the features.

How do I activate these features?

In Settings/Advanced of GrandTotal 7