GrandTotal 3

Create invoices and estimates with your design



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GrandTotal 3.4.3

Requires Mac OS 10.8 or later

One window is enough. GrandTotal offers you a single window experience that lets you focus on the current task.
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What you see is what your client gets. While other applications just give you a slight impression of the output they will generate, GrandTotal will always show you how your invoiced item will look on paper or pdf.

Layout Editor

Layout Editor

Create invoices and estimates that match your corporate design. The built-in editor makes it easy to adopt your layout.
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Key features

  • Invoices (also recurring)
  • Quotes
  • Account statements
  • User defined layouts
    • PDF-Backdrops
    • Additional pages for Terms & Conditions
  • Sync using Dropbox
  • Drag'n'drop support
  • PDF-Export
  • Sending documents using E-Mail
  • Flexible tax settings
  • Foreign currencies


  • OS X Address Book support
  • Client specific settings for...
    • Layouts
    • Term of payment
    • Payment type
  • Catalog for recurring items
    • Extensive support for 3rd party applications
    • Timings work time recorder
    • mite. work time recorder
    • Timely work time recorder
    • MoneyMoney banking software
    • Umsatz accounting software (Germany)
    • Ookkeeapp accounting software (Intl.)
  • Reminder for due & overdue invoices
  • Reports
  • Flexible export options

New in GrandTotal 3

  • Improved interface
  • Sync over dropbox
  • Improved overall speed
  • Instant preview
  • BezahlCode (German) and SEPA QR Code with IBAN and BIC
  • Full retina support
  • Copy/Paste almost everywhere
  • Template documents
  • Descriptions now can hold bold, underlined and italic styles
  • Project folders
  • Custom-Fields of catalog items now are copied to invoices
  • Payment-Elements like QR-Code and PayPal links are now clickable in PDFs
  • Generated PDFs have a smaller footprint
  • Batch-Export for PDFs
  • Layouts can be edited in place now
  • Support for MoneyMoney 2
  • Support for Mailplane 3