Using GrandTotal you can create invoices and estimates in the twinkling of an eye and keep track over the outstanding payments. Detailed statistics and graphs give you an insight into the current state of your business and allow comparison to previous periods.


Using the flexible editor the layout of your invoice can be matched to the design of your stationary documents. Once created, all your invoices and estimates will look as desired.


In order to enable an efficient workflow, Grand Total is integrated with various popular programs and services.



Key Features

  • Invoices
    • Partial invoices
    • Recurring invoices
  • Quotes
  • Account statements
  • User defined layouts
    • PDF-Backdrops
    • Additional pages for Terms & Conditions
  • Support for multiple companies/business units
  • Synchronizable multi user file format (any common cloud drive)
  • Drag'n'drop support
  • PDF/A-Export (ISO 19005-3)
  • Electronic invoices
    • ZUGFeRD 1 & 2 (Germany)
    • PEPPOL (Austria, Netherlands and others)
    • Factur-X
    • EN16931
  • Sending documents using E-Mail
  • Flexible tax settings
  • Foreign currencies
  • macOS Contacts support
  • Client specific settings for...
    • Layouts
    • Term of payment
    • Payment type
  • Catalog for recurring items
  • Reminder for due & overdue invoices
  • Reports
  • Flexible export options
  • Multilingual features

Extensive support for 3rd party applications

Features by Edition

Legal & SecuritySMLXL
Data protection
All data is located locally on the user's device.
GoBD Compliant
Adheres to the principles for the orderly keeping and storage of books.
The data can be optionally encrypted with AES-256.
Document typesSMLXL
Any number of documents
No restrictions on the number of documents created
Access after subscription end
Access to all created documents and statistics even after the subscription ends
Everything you need to write invoices
Recurring invoices
Weekly, monthly or yearly recurring invoices
Partial invoices
Partial invoices and final invoices
Estimates writing
Bank statements
Bank statements for defaulters
Additional documents
E.g. reminders and delivery notes
Attach PDF documents to invoices and estimates
Position typesSMLXL
Items with title, description, quantity, unit price and total price
For structuring invoices
For structuring invoices
Notes for explanations within an invoice
Page breaks
For structuring invoices
Dynamic costs
Dynamic costs such as discounts and surcharges
Combine positions on separate pages
Estimates options
Creation of optional items in estimates
A convenient view for outstanding payments and turnover
Configurable charts for analysing turnover
Extended reports
Extended reports of selected time periods
Customer statistics and address labels
Analyses by customer, country and turnover. Printing of address labels
User-defined fields
Custom fields for values for customers, documents and catalog entries
Labels for organising customers and catalog entries
Archiving data records that are no longer required
Smart lists
Filter lists according to your own criteria
Automatic titles
Structure invoices by item groups
Sorting function
Sort items by name, price, quantity or date
Work time recorders
Import of working times from many different applications and services
Import of payments
Import from MoneyMoney and camt files
Calendar import
Import of working times from the calendar
Import from Merlin
Entries from Merlin can be pasted via the clipboard
Import from GarageSale
Orders can be sent from GarageSale to GrandTotal
Import from Things
Items from Things can be pasted via the clipboard
Import from OmniFocus
Entries from OmniFocus can be inserted via the clipboard
Import from OmniPlan
Entries from OmniPlan can be pasted via the clipboard
Export CSV files
Export of clients and documents as comma separated files
Export of PDF files
Saving documents as PDF files
Excel support
Export data to Excel format
Send to Umsatz programme
Support for Umsatz accounting programme
Send to Receipts
Support for Receipts Document management
Support for shakehands Kontor
Export of bookings for import to shakehands Kontor
Support for MonKey Office
Exporting bookings for import to MonKey Office
Export of VCards
Exported VCards can be imported into the Contacts programme
Invoices in the formats (XInvoice, FacturX, ZUGFeRD and PEPPOL)
SEPA debit notes
Creation of SEPA direct debits
Notifications when invoices are due or overdue
Templates for frequently used invoices and estimates
Quick input of quantities
Change of multiple items by typing the quantity
Invoice preview for time entries
Selected time entries can be previewed by pressing the space bar.
Export for accounting
Quick export of all relevant data of a period for accounting purposes
Automatic titles
Structure invoices by item groups
Sorting function
Sort items by name, price, quantity or date
Layouts can be adapted with scripts
Editing multiple items
Edit multiple items at the same time
Typing formulas
Formulas can be entered in number fields, e.g. a unit price can be calculated directly.
Formatted lists
Correctly formatted list entries can be created in the description texts with -, 1), a).
Own layouts for the design of documents
Use of QRCodes in layouts (SEPA/SwissQRCode)
Placeholders for different language variants
Layouts can be adapted with scripts

New in GrandTotal 7

  • Adaptations to the new appearance of macOS 11
  • Support for Apple Processors
  • Individual hourly rates
  • Export as vCards
  • Labels for categorization
Documents Search
  • Search (⌘F) has been improved
  • Import for calendar events
  • Summary items
  • Dynamic cost
  • Forms in PDF backdrops are copied to the documents now
  • Option to hide the catalog when in item list
  • Labels for categorization
  • Archiving for old tax rates
  • ZUGFeRD 2.1.1 (EN16931)
Data protection
  • Removing of documents older than 10 years
  • Quick view of amounts